We Will Open The Worldt his political career
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ental▓ task for building a moderately prosperous society.China h▓as set 2020 as the target year to finish building

a modera▓tely prosperous, or "Xiaokang" society. A key goal of the targets is to eradicate poverty in China.X▓i has said that "no one should be left be▓hind on the road towards Xiaokang."FIRST TASTE OF POV▓ERTYXi's first taste of poverty came in Liangjiahe Villag▓e in Yan'an, Shaanxi, about 48 years a▓go.He was not even 16 years of age when he was sent to ▓Liangjiahe in early 1969, as a result of Chairman Mao Ze▓dong's campaign for urban youth to experien

ern province of

Shaanxi, ▓to China's top job.He h

ce rural labor."Experiencing such an abrupt turn from Be▓ijing to a place so destitute, I was struck

deeply," Xi said, recalling the whole vill▓age turning dark at night as the only lights available were a few kerosene lamps by a ditch.In less than three years, Xi became a completely competent rural laborer."I found myself easily traveling several miles of m